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26 mins | USA + UK | 2019 | English | Directed by Matthew Ellison + Jordan Axelrod

Coach follows Tracy Hamm in her quest to earn the internationally renowned UEFA A coaching license. Hamm turned to Europe after her efforts to pursue a top license in the U.S. were obstructed by requirements that candidates seeking waivers to bypass lower certification levels must have played three years of professional soccer. When she graduated from college in 2006, no professional women’s league existed in the United States. Of the 48,303 coaches that hold the UEFA A license, the highest certification of coaching licenses that allow you to coach anywhere in the world, only 1% of that group are women. When Tracy pursued her A license, she had no idea how many obstacles she would encounter along the way. Hamm’s journey to the top of the coaching profession is shown in all of its triumphs and tears.

Coach is a Growth Through Sport production.

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